Sojourner-Truth Survives the Notorious Matthias!

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Sojourner-Truth and Matthias have curious connections

The name Sojourner-Truth has become established with in the hearts and minds of modern humanity: consequently she is a symbol of freedom, justice strength, and endurance. As an Icon, Sojourner-Truth helps humanity understand the importance of communication, and honesty.

This web site, has information showing the curious connections between Prophet Matthias: and Isabella Van Wagener, more commonly known as Sojourner-Truth. Prophet Matthias called himself the spirit of truth; when he and Isabella eventually parted company: she after experiencing an epiphany, began calling herself Sojourner-Truth. She was the first to become influenced by Matthias, and stayed loyal to him until the bitter end!

 Sojourner-Truth Pseudonym.

The name Sojourner-Truth; is a pseudonym adopted after her departure from New York in 1843.Within the book: ‘Sojourner-Truth The Devil Is In The Detail,’ we read. ‘In time and between the years of 1843 and 1850: the evidence, both direct and indirect; confirms the evolution of Isabella’s name; from SOJOURNER into SOJOURNER-TRUTH.’ The name of ‘Sojourner- Truth’ was penned by Mr Oliver Gilbert in 1850. When Gilbert penned this name he placed a space between the SOJOURNER and the Truth. In time the name once again evolved; and the accepted name for Isabella is now  SOJOURNER-TRUTH.   The name of SOJOURNER-TRUTH is recognized as a symbol of justice and freedom for all; regardless of nationality, gender, or religion!’

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Isabella Van Wagener called herself ‘Sojourner’ while she was leaving New York in 1843. A sojourner was and is a term used for a person who resides temporarily in a place.

After conversing with a Jewish woman: Isabella became concerned about her chosen name of Sojourner: shortly thereafter she added ‘Truth’ to this her third name change.

There are two original historical records confirming Isabella calling herself Sojourner. The first was with Mrs Whiting her landlady, the second as outlined above. On all other occasions it safe to say the name was Sojourner-Truth.

Sojourner-Truth or Bella.

The name Bella was used on numerous occasions: consequently it is my personal opinion,  the name Bella was her favored name.  I have chosen to use the name Sojourner-Truth: as a mark of my personal respect for Bella. (Some other names being: Belle, Belia, Bell, & Lil Bett)

On the Alyce Blue Historic Art web page: you have the opportunity to read more information on Sojourner-Truth. (Bella) The original portrait of Sojourner-Truth; and the story behind the art, is presented as part of modern American history.

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Matthias & Joseph Smith: Charlatans or inspired men? 

Two of America’s memorable prophets: Matthias and the Mormon Joseph Smith, had the ability to change lives forever. Together they would, bless or curse the destinies of those who walked in their long shadows! They issued commandments, along with striving to proselyte their visions for the future of humanity! Each Prophet worked to establish their New Jerusalem on the American continent. Matthias & Joseph Smith would talk, work, and experience dreams or visions: instructing them to spread their message of claimed Christianity. Both Prophets professed to receive communications from spiritual entities. They attested the difference between good, and evil spirits. Death, destruction, and great sacrifice often were the rewards of their disciples! 

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As the commandments, doctrines and visions of these two Prophets increased, a dramatic series of coincidences start to become apparent. These coincidences  have remained unexplored within the pages of history for almost 200 years! The overwhelming alarming principals  provide us with evidence of coincidences which cannot be negated. Within the manuscript, you have the opportunity to experience the shocking story of some of these coincidences.

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Eventually Matthias and Joseph Smith met face to face. The meeting between these two American prophets was extremely  dramatic, and definitely unforgettable. Interestingly after a three day conclave both so called prophets declared their opinion of each other!

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The New York years exposing the full  story; once read is unforgettable. This is the emotional never to be forgotten story of American trailblazers, who have affected the lives of devoted believers for almost 200 years! 

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